What JohanMMA Provides

Continuously growing in popularity, MMA pushes people to the limit of physical endurance and dexterity. JohanMMA provides technical breakdowns of MMA specialists and analyzes the tactics and strategies that allow fighters to dominate their opponents in a match. The site also interviews influential martial artists today  to evaluate their relationship with the fascinating sport of MMA.

To facilitate our understanding of MMA the site creates articles pertaining to the history and development of martial arts by drawing on literary and archaeological evidence. From the brutal Greek Pankration to the acrobatic Brazilian Capoeira, JohanMMA explains how these martial arts became effective systems of unarmed combat and their influences on modern MMA.

The articles will emphasize the scientific foundations of martial art techniques. The human anatomy and basic physics dictate how we move and only by understanding its constraints can martial artists fully exploit the human body’s potential. We will gladly respond to any questions, comments, or concerns. Keep fighting and writing!


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